Our Story
It all started with a search for a perfect cup of coffee and a place for brunch near our suburban home, only to realize finding high-quality specialty coffee and great tasting brunch in our neighbourhood was surprisingly elusive.

This realization along with our love and passion for gourmet coffee and flavorful brunch were what inspired us to open our own neighbourhood cafe, and so the Elephant Grind Coffee was born.
At Elephant Grind Coffee you can enjoy nutritious, simple and delicious food paired with exceptional quality coffee.  We believe the perfect cup of coffee comes from the highest quality of coffee beans and the most savoury brunch is cooked using fresh seasonal ingredients.  Our vision is to provide a green space for you to enjoy a cup of our house blend specialty coffee and to taste our innovative brunch menu created with a Canadian mind of diversity and openness.  

Did you know?​

"Elephant" symbolizes power, strength and is an animal that has an intense focus on family!  We hope our coffee and brunch will give you the energy to power through your day.

Visit us for our specialty coffee and Happy Brunching!